Silver Light Communications

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                                  "Gail Silver has been a tremendous resource...creating value far beyond the cost of her contract."
                                                              -- Clara Martin, CEO, Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center

"Gail is a marvel: she's a wonderful writer as well as a clear and organized thinker. She brings very high skill levels
to a project along with both wisdom and diligence." 
-- Kathleen Norris, Principal, Urban Fast Forward



Silver Light Communications helps organizations create, then execute smart communication strategies that influence how their customers and constituents perceive and interact with their brands.



  • Strategy and execution—no bright line.  The best strategists have done the footwork; they know what it takes to get the job done. The best tacticians are also strategists; they keep their eye on the ball while executing flawlessly. We do both, we are both—effective in the boardroom or on the field.

  • Experience in many categories. No tunnel vision here. We speak the language of specific categories--health care, education, manufacturing, technology, political strategy, arts, professional services.

  • We do it all. We bring experience in all of the marketing and communication disciplines, both traditional and new media.

  • Words and pictures. When you get down to it, those are your basic communication tools. They either work together to tell your story, or they get in each other’s way, muddying your message and sub-optimizing your investment. We bring depth in both. That saves you time and resources in everything from brochures and websites to ads and videos.


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